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Utopia Kitchen and Bathroom magazineDear Margaret…
I am about to start renovating my main bathroom and want it to have the feel of a luxurious spa bathroom. My main must-have items are a sunken bath, and a waterfall-style shower. I would also like to incorporate mosaic tiles in powerful colours such as black and petrol blue to create that sumptuous ambience. I know how important lighting is and I am thinking of using integral LEDs in the design. Can you please advise me on how to get the decadent look using the correct lighting and layout?
Elizabeth Cooke, Swansea


Spa bathroom designClever design

At first glance this large open room with big windows may not seem an ideal location for a bathroom. However with a bit of imagination and a carefully planned layout this room will be transformed into a luxurious Spa bathroom.

Because the bathroom is on a ground floor, it was possible to use a large sunken bath with hydro massage. Surrounding the large bath with candles will produce a beautifully romantic atmosphere. A waterfall style shower is hidden behind the wooden wall. Adding colourful lighting makes it possible to create various moods. You can make a clever hiding place for bathroom accessories next to the shower, keeping your bathroom clutter-free.

Spa bathroom ideasPosition of mirrors

Positioning the mirror directly opposite the window allows the feel of the outdoors to be brought into the room by reflecting light as well as the view. A more private area with the toilet and bidet is concealed in the corner behind the basins.

Spa bathroom tiles

I used black mosaic tiles in the shower. It is an interesting backdrop to offset the warmth of the wood. The stripe of mosaic tiles also runs around the sunken bathtub. Bright curtains were used to cover the large window which let the light through, allowing the diffused light to warm the room.

Spa bathroom

Spa bathroom accessories

On the opposite wall to the shower wall near to the entrance there is a TV and stereo equipment. Who does not dream about a relaxing bath with the sounds of soothing music?

Mood in spa bathroom design

In creating a mood, the lighting plays a crucial part. The energy-saving LED light is concealed above the false ceiling over the bathtub giving a softer light. The shape of the lighting copies the contour of the bathtub. Colourful lighting is concealed in the space behind the shower. Practical wall lights placed over the large mirror light up this area for everyday use.

It is worth placing an additional cabinet, drawer or hiding place to keep handy accessories tidy under the wash-stands. After the bath, one can rest on the comfortable armchair situated near the window.

Spa Bathroom design ideas and tips:
  • Don’t be afraid of large windows in the bathroom. You can always shade them with curtains or blinds and the day light will shine through and light up the interior.
  • It is a good idea to keep the toilet area private and concealed from the relaxing space.


Spa bathroom layout ideas


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