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Dear Margaret… I currently have a very large bathroom, which has an old fashioned corner bath, bidet, WC and basin. The room has no windows, its look is dated, and the space is not used to its full potential at the moment. I’ve been reading about creating zones, and this is something I like the sound of. I’d like to have double basins and a shower big enough for two in a wet room area, along with a freestanding bath in a calm, neutral-coloured zone. This is the main bathroom in the house, so it needs to be functional as well as relaxing. Do you have some ideas for a large bathroom design to help me create my dream bathroom? .Isabelle Moore, Glasgow

Large bathroom design - view 1Careful design

Large bathroom could feel dark and sparse if it’s badly designed, and will require a carefully thought-out plan if the space it to be used to its full potential. The luxury of a spacious bathroom is what most people long for, a relaxing retreat to combat the stressful effects of our hectic modern lives.

Large bathroom design and zoning…

Zoning is a great idea for those who love an ordered, organized and functional room. Here I used dark wood, matt glass and granite stone to visually isolate certain areas. As a general rule you should always try to arrange the large bathroom so that what greets you as soon as you walk through the door is eye-catching and attractive. This way, it will become a focal point of the whole room and will draw emphasis away from the less beautiful (but necessary!) components of a bathroom.
In this case, the bath inset into a stone enclosure is the main feature. The edge of this becomes a very useful shelf for soap, shampoo and other bathroom accessories. Additionally, the ledge will be useful when you fancy a relaxing bath surrounded by scented candles. Installing lights below the bathtub aids a daintier feel, despite the innately heavy characteristic of the stone.

Large bathroom design - view 2Additional walls help to divide large bathrooms into zones, which will give better proportions and aid functionality. Here, one is used to create a separate and private zone with toilet, bidet and storage facilities. On the reverse side, it provides wall space to hang the mirrors and double basins. The large space available also allowed for a bathtub and a large walk-in shower with an elegant frameless glass screen.

Luxurious and interesting…

It’s a luxurious and interesting idea to have two showerheads to allow the use of shower for two people at a time. I suggest installing two square ceiling-mounted showerheads with LED lights for extra sparkle.
When thinking about room warmth, it is advisable to use heated towel rails, in addition to under floor heating. These allow towels to be aired keeping them fresh, and the bathroom warm and dry. The Bathroom plan best location would be somewhere close to the bath or shower so that you can reach it easily to grab a warm towel.

Large bathroom design - view 3Be extra careful with lighting in the bathroom. There are many reflective surfaces – glass, mirrors, and glazed ceramics – which can be dazzling if lights are too bright or wrongly placed. The most important thing is to properly illuminate the sink and mirror area. This will be important when it comes to tasks such as shaving and applying make-up. The lamps should be installed in a way that prevents them shining directly into your eyes, or casting shadows across the face.

Bathroom design tips:

  • The use of different colours will help to distinguish separate areas, in a subtle and stylish manner.
  • Using uplighters will add softness and warmth, rather than glare.
 Large bathroom layout idea

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